Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University: Nurturing Creativity through Melodies and Masterpieces

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Tamil Nadu Music And Fine Arts University

The Pro Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University is the respected Minister for Industries, Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture, and Archeology.

Dr. S Sowmya was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr.J Jayalalithaa Music and Fine Arts University by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who is also the Chancellor. She is a renowned Carnatic Vocalist and has been trained by esteemed musicians such as Sangita Kalanidhi Dr.S.Ramanathan and Sangita Kalacharya Smt.T.Muktha. Her remarkable achievements include receiving prestigious awards like Kalaimamani from the Government of Tamil Nadu and Sangita Kalanidhi from Madras Music Academy. Additionally, she holds a Doctorate in a field that combines Music and Science from the University of Madras.

Mission of the University

We strive for the development of music and fine arts and for the furtherance of the advancement of learning, along with research, documentation, publishing of audio, video recording and popularizing of all branches of music, fine arts and performing arts in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University: Geographical Position

The Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University is located at Adyar within the campus of the Tamil Nadu Government Music College, a heritage building known as the Brodie’s Castle, Dr.DGS Dinakaran Salai, Chennai-600028, on the banks of the Adyar River. This University offers Postgraduate and M.Phil courses in Vocal, Veena, Violin, Mridangam, Nagaswaram and Bharathanatyam, apart from M.F.A. in Painting and Visual Communication.

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Courses available at Tamil Nadu Music And Fine Arts University

The Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University offers various courses for students. These include regular two-year programs, weekend courses that span three years, as well as other options. The regular courses cover subjects such as M.A in Vocal, Nagaswaram, Veena, Violin, Mridangam, Bharathanatyam, and M.F.A in Painting. The weekend courses focus on M.F.A in Painting and Visual Communication Design. Additionally, the university also provides opportunities for higher studies with programs like M.Phil in Music, Bharathanatyam and Fine Arts along with Ph.D options available to interested individuals.

Institutions Associated with Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University

The following are the names and locations of various colleges under Tamil Nadu Music And Fine Arts University:

1. Tamil Nadu Government Music College: Located at Dr.D.G.S. Dinakaran Salai, R.A. Puram, Chennai – 600028; Pasumalai, Madurai – 625004; Malumichampatti Post, Chettipalayam Road, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore – 641050; and Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur District– 613204.

2. Government College of Fine Arts: Situated at No.31, EVR Periyar Salai, Periyamet, Chennai – 600003; and Swamimalai Road, Meyla Kottaiyur,

Kumbakkonam – 612002.

3. Government College of Architecture and Sculpture: Located in Mamallapuram,

Kancheepuram District – 603104.

4. M.G.R. Government Film and Television Institute: Found at C.I.T Campus,


Chennai – 600113.

Government-supported Educational Institutions

Here are the names and addresses of two colleges in Tamil Nadu:

1. Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts is located at No:18, Benwells Road, Contonment, Tiruchirappalli – 620001.

2. Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam can be found at Lakshmi Sundaram Hall, No:15-A Gokhale Road,(Opp) P.W.D. Office, Tallakulam, Madurai – 625002.

Colleges with Self-Financing Programs in Tamil Nadu

Here are some colleges and their addresses in Tamil Nadu:

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1. Raviraj College of Fine Arts is located at No:83, Sambandam Road West, R.S. Puram, A.G.Plaza, Coimbatore – 641 002.

2. Bharatham can be found at No:36, East Park Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai – 600 030.

3. Rani Lady Meiyyammai Achi Tamil Music College is situated at Raja Muthaiah Mandram, Melur Road, Dr.Ambedkar Road, Madurai – 625 020.

5. Sri Thiyagaraja College of Music (Chinna Nadar Kesari Memorial Trust) is located in Gnaram Villai Pa code Post Kanyakumari District Marthandam – 629168.

Newly Associated Self-Financing Colleges for the Academic Year 2016-17

The college known as M.E.T College of Fine Arts is located at 13,142A,9/9, Mogals Gardens, Chenbagaramanputhur, Thovalai Taluk in Kanyakumari District. The address for this college is 629304.

Number of music colleges in Tamil Nadu?

Out of the 39 music colleges in Tamil Nadu, 20 are owned by the government or operate under public administration. These government-owned institutions provide students with access to quality education and training in various aspects of music such as vocal performance, instrumental music, composition, and musicology. The presence of these public institutions ensures that aspiring musicians from diverse backgrounds have an opportunity to pursue their passion for music without financial constraints.

On the other hand, there are 13 privately-owned music colleges in Tamil Nadu. These private institutions often focus on providing specialized training programs tailored to specific genres or instruments. They contribute significantly to the overall development of musical talent by offering innovative teaching methods and exposure to contemporary trends in the industry.

What is the most renowned artwork in Tamil Nadu?

Theru Koothu literally translates to “street play” as it was traditionally performed on streets or open spaces. The performers, known as Therukoothu artists or Nattukkottai Chettiar community members, bring alive ancient stories from Hindu mythology through their captivating performances. These stories often revolve around gods and goddesses like Krishna, Rama, Draupadi, and Mariamman.

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Isai forms another integral part of Theru Koothu where music plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Musicians accompany the actors with traditional instruments like mridangam (a percussion instrument), nadaswaram (a wind instrument), thavil (another percussion instrument) along with vocalists who sing songs relevant to the storyline.

Drama completes this trinity by providing a narrative structure to these performances. The scripts are usually written in poetic verse forms like Villupattus or Veethi Natakams which add an element of rhythm to the dialogues spoken by actors during their enactment.

What music is popular in Tamil Nadu?

The classical music form of Southern India, known as Pann, has a rich and ancient history in the state of Tamil Nadu. Over time, however, its name was mistakenly changed to Carnatic music. Despite this misnomer, Pannisai (the singing of Pann) continues to be an integral part of temple festivals even today. Tamil Nadu has been home to numerous renowned performers who have contributed significantly to the development and popularity of this art form.

The roots of Pann can be traced back several centuries when it was performed by talented musicians in royal courts and religious settings across Tamil Nadu. The melodies were often accompanied by instruments such as veena (a stringed instrument), mridangam (a percussion instrument), and flute. These performances not only entertained but also served as a means for spiritual connection with the divine.

Over time, Pannisai became an essential part of temple festivals throughout Tamil Nadu. Devotees would gather at these events to witness skilled singers perform devotional songs that praised various deities. The rhythmic patterns and intricate compositions showcased the technical prowess of these musicians while invoking a sense of devotion among listeners.