Opus Quad Price for Pioneer DJ in India

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Pioneer Dj Opus Quad Price In India

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is a popular and highly sought-after DJ controller in India. This article will provide information about the price of the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad in the Indian market.

Vivid displays, excellent control

The Opus-Quad from Pioneer DJ features a 10.1-inch electrostatic touchscreen that not only has an impressive appearance but also allows for precise control and quick response times, ensuring that you never miss a beat. You can easily preview tracks by touching their waveforms on the screen, and navigating through the keyboard or Playlist Bank system is intuitive and efficient. Pioneer has also introduced a new Smart Rotary Selector, which functions like a multi-axis joystick with rotation control and click functions to navigate menus effortlessly. By highlighting a track in the library, you can press and hold left or right to preview its beginning or middle respectively, making it easy to build sets on-the-fly.

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad: Unveiling the Price in India

Between four USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, zone routing, and compatibility with rekordbox, Serato, and more, the Opus-Quad can simultaneously pull music from multiple sources, and the ESS Technology D/A converter ensures unrelenting sonic fidelity. Mac or PC, SSDs to wireless, this controller can easily manage every source. The newly available XY-Pad uses the touchscreen to manage multi-axis control of the controller’s various Beat FX, while per-channel Sound Color FX supplement each track with rich, performance-driven texturizing tools. Each deck also features eight Hot Cue buttons that can be quickly overwritten in real time to accommodate and inspire new approaches to your set. Moreover, each jog wheel can have its feel independently adjusted, with per-deck tempo and beat management tools always within reach.

Pioneer DJ Opus-Quad 4-channel DJ System Price in India

  • 4-channel design allows for tracks to be always cued independently for each deck
  • Texturized surface, rounded corners, and 5º slope masterfully blend ergonomic comfort with stylish design
  • 10.1″ electrostatic touchscreen yields vivid colors with precise control
  • Per-channel 3-band EQ and trim controls let you carefully dial in transitions and tracks
  • Color-coded lighting is completely customizable, allowing you to quickly identify which decks are active
  • 16 total Hot Cue buttons can be overwritten in real time via Smart Cue functionality to better accommodate on-the-fly set-building and performance
  • Jog wheel weight can be independently adjusted for each deck to personalize your playstyle
  • Beat FX features turns your touchscreen into a multi-axis XY-Pad for controlling performance FX with new dimensions
  • Multiple USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more let you easily manage multiple sources simultaneously
  • Advanced zone output features conveniently let you manage multiple audio needs from one device
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Pioneer DDJ RX Price in India


– Product: Pioneer DDJ-RX

– Price: Rs 88000

– Location: Sector 14 Gurgaon, Haryana

– ID: 22958228362

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad Price in India: Technical Specifications

The Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is a versatile DJ controller with four decks and four channels. It features a 10.1″ multi-touch display and supports USB flash drives for convenient music playback. The controller also includes two 8″ jog wheels, two XLR-1/4″ combo inputs, and two dual RCA stereo inputs for line/phono connections. It offers multiple output options including XLR (master 1), XLR (zone), Dual RCA Stereo (master 2), and TRS (booth). The Opus Quad has three Type A USB ports, one USB-C port, an 1/8″ TRS input, a 1/4″ TRS input, and an Ethernet connection. Additionally, it functions as a standalone mixer with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2 capabilities. The controller is compatible with popular software such as Rekordbox and Serato. It comes with a standard IEC AC cable for power supply and has dimensions of approximately 5.59″,36.44″,19.67″. Weighing around 29 lbs., the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is designed to meet the needs of DJs in India.

Purchase the Pioneer OPUS QUAD All-in-One DJ System online in India.

How much does the Pioneer XDJ rx2 cost in India?

Remember – when it comes to high-quality audio equipment like the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad, investing in reliable brands ensures long-lasting performance and unmatched sound experience. So grab this amazing deal while it lasts and unleash your creativity behind the decks!

How much does the Pioneer DDJ RZX cost in India?

The Pioneer DDJ-RZX is a professional 4-channel DJ controller with a length of 945 mm. It offers a wide frequency range of 20-20,000hz and is available for purchase in Gurgaon at the price of Rs 305,800. This high-quality controller is designed to meet the needs of professional DJs who require precise control over their music.

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In addition to its impressive audio capabilities, the Pioneer DDJ-RZX also boasts a sleek design that combines functionality with style. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and set up wherever you go. The layout of buttons and knobs is intuitive, allowing DJs to navigate through their music library effortlessly.

Furthermore, this DJ controller comes equipped with various features that enhance creativity during performances. It includes built-in effects such as echo, reverb, and phaser which can be applied in real-time to add depth and texture to your mixes. Additionally, it has large jog wheels that offer precise control over scratching and cueing.

DDJ rx4: How much does it cost?

1. Four-channel controller: The DDJ-RX allows you to mix and control up to four audio channels simultaneously.

2. Rekordbox integration: This controller seamlessly integrates with the rekordbox software, allowing you to access your music library and create playlists easily.

3. High-quality sound: With built-in sound cards and high-performance digital-to-analog converters (DACs), the DDJ-RX delivers exceptional audio quality.

4. Performance pads: The controller features eight large performance pads per deck, which can be used for triggering hot cues, loops, samples, and more.

6. Needle search pad: The needle search pad allows you to quickly navigate through tracks by touch-sensitive strip technology.

7. Built-in mixer section: The integrated mixer offers a range of professional features such as EQ controls, filter effects, and channel faders for seamless mixing.

8. Durable construction: The DDJ-RX is built with robust materials that ensure durability even during intense performances or transportation.

9. USB connectivity: Connect your laptop or computer via USB cable to use the controller as a MIDI device or play music directly from external storage devices like USB drives.

10.Intuitive layout design:The user-friendly layout of buttons and knobs makes it easy for beginners to learn DJ techniques while providing advanced options for experienced DJs.

XDJ vs. CDJ: Which is superior?

According to Digital DJ Tips, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 offers a touchscreen interface and compatibility with various DJ software. However, it does not include a CD slot, which may be important for DJs who still prefer using CDs or anticipate playing in venues equipped with basic CDJs. In such cases, the Pioneer DJ CDJ-850 might be a more suitable choice.

On the other hand, if you have a preference for traditional CD-based DJing or frequently perform at venues that only provide basic CDJs without advanced features like touchscreens or extensive software support, the CDJ-850 could be an ideal option. This model retains the familiar layout and functionality of classic Pioneer CDJs while incorporating some modern enhancements.

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What does the Pioneer CDJ 800 cost in India?

The Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 CD/Digital Media Player DJ Turntable is available for purchase in Vadodara at a price of Rs 26,000. This high-quality DJ turntable offers both CD and digital media playback options, making it versatile for DJs who prefer different formats. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 is a popular choice among professional DJs.

One of the key features of this DJ turntable is its ability to play CDs as well as digital media files. This means that DJs can easily switch between using CDs or USB drives to play their music, depending on their preference or the availability of equipment at different venues. The player also supports various audio formats such as MP3 and WAV, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of music files.

In terms of performance, the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 delivers exceptional sound quality and precise control over tracks. It has a responsive jog wheel that allows DJs to scratch and manipulate songs with ease. The built-in pitch control feature enables seamless beat matching, ensuring smooth transitions between tracks during live performances.

Furthermore, this DJ turntable comes equipped with additional functions like looping and cueing capabilities. These features allow DJs to create loops within songs or set specific points for easy navigation during mixes. The intuitive interface makes it user-friendly even for beginners while offering enough flexibility for experienced DJs to showcase their skills.

What is the most recent XDJ model?

The Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is an all-in-one digital DJ system that features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. With its wireless connectivity, you can easily connect your devices without the hassle of cables. The XDJ-RX3 also boasts top-notch sound processing, ensuring high-quality audio output for your mixes. This powerful device helps you seamlessly mix music by matching beats, making it feel like you have a DJ mixer and two decks in one unit.

– All-in-one digital DJ system with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display

– Wireless connectivity for easy device connection

– Top-notch sound processing for high-quality audio output

– Helps match beats to facilitate smooth music mixing

– Provides the functionality of a DJ mixer and two decks in one unit