Let Music Nourish Love

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If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On

Of course, you’re familiar with the phrase “If music be the food of love, play on.” But do you know who said it? Well, the master wordsmith, William Shakespeare wrote these famed words, along with a host of other sayings we still use today , like “break the ice” or make someone a “laughing stock.”

But which character uttered this line in which play? And what does it truly signify? Please continue reading!

Let Music Serve as Nourishment for Love

The beautiful expression originates from a play written by Shakespeare called Twelfth Night. Within the story, Orsino, who is the Duke of Illyria, finds himself deeply in love with Olivia, the Countess. However, Olivia has decided to enter a phase of mourning which prevents Orsino from pursuing her romantically.

As a result, Orsino asks for there to be an excess of music. He hopes that it will cure him of his obsession with love in the same way that eating too much food can make someone sick. It turns out that, in the end, Orsino’s love isn’t genuine. He just likes the idea of being in love. He’s a bit of a dreamer.

Take a look at the full excerpt from the opening scene of Twelfth Night :

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Which play explores the concept of music as nourishment for love?


– The quote is from Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 1.

– It is found in the Shakespeare Learning Zone.

– The quote speaks about how music can be compared to food for love.

– Orsino desires an excess of music to satisfy his appetite for love.

If Music Serves as Nourishment for Love, Let It Be Played

For those who are unfamiliar with Shakespeare, understanding the true essence of his Old English writing can be challenging. However, the language used in this passage is not overly complex and can be easily interpreted.

  • Orsino is acknowledging the fact that music is the “food of love.” Music inspires people to love.
  • Being a fanciful man, Orsino supposes music can also cause people to fall in love with each other. In other words, maybe there’s still hope for him and Olivia.
  • In the context of these words, we see that Orsino desperately wants love (or, at least, thinks he does). By being “fed” love, the appetite will eventually go away.

What is the well-known saying from Twelfth Night?

In the first way, it means that certain individuals are naturally talented or gifted from birth. They possess qualities or skills that make them stand out and excel in what they do without much effort.

The second way suggests that anyone can become great if they put in enough hard work and dedication towards their goals. By working tirelessly towards achieving something important to them, they can reach a level of greatness.

Lastly, the third way implies that sometimes circumstances beyond our control push us into positions where we have no choice but to rise up and show our true potential. This could happen when unexpected opportunities come along or when we face challenges that force us to step up and prove ourselves.

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Play On: Nourishing Love Through Melodies

What do you think? Can an excess of music cure unrequited love? Shakespeare was talented enough to tap into feelings of love, unrequited love, tragedy, comedy, and more. There was no subject he couldn’t dramatize. Are you interested in familiarizing yourself with some of Shakespeare’s other works? If so, look out for his frequent use of images of food to demonstrate love and a whole field of other emotions and ideas.

The collection of plays written by William Shakespeare is truly remarkable. He penned a total of 37 plays, and if you want to indulge in more delightful literary creations by him, you should explore the comprehensive list of his works. After experiencing the enchanting play Twelfth Night, you can delve into other captivating stories such as the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet or immerse yourself in the historical account of King Richard III.

The quote concerning food and music

1. Food as Music: Just like a melodious tune can uplift our spirits, good food has the power to bring joy and satisfaction to our bodies. The flavors, aromas, and textures of Indian cuisine create a symphony of sensations that tantalize our taste buds.

5. Rituals & Festivals: Our rituals and festivals are incomplete without both food offerings (prasad) as well as devotional songs (bhajans). These elements not only add flavor but also deepen our spiritual connections.

6.Healthy Balance: Just as we need a balanced diet for physical well-being; similarly having a healthy dose of uplifting melodies can contribute towards emotional well-being too! Both aspects are essential for leading a fulfilling life.

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So let us cherish this beautiful interplay between food and music – feeding not just our bodies but also nurturing our souls with their divine harmony!

Author of If music be the food of love?

P.S. Let us continue to appreciate such artistic expressions that transcend time and cultural boundaries while reminding us all about our shared experiences as humans who seek solace in melody and verse.

Does music nourish the soul?

Firstly, let us explore the impact of music on our minds. Listening to music has been shown to have a positive effect on cognitive functions such as memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills. It can enhance concentration levels and productivity in tasks that require focus. Additionally, certain genres of music are known to evoke specific emotions or moods which can help individuals manage stress and improve their overall mental state.

Moving on to the influence of music on our bodies, it is widely recognized that engaging with rhythmic beats and melodies can stimulate physical responses within us. For instance, upbeat tunes often encourage movement and exercise while slower melodies promote relaxation and calmness. Moreover, studies have indicated that listening to soothing sounds or playing musical instruments may contribute towards reducing blood pressure levels and alleviating pain perception.