Cost of DJ sound systems in India

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Dj Sound System Price In India

A variety of products are offered by the manufacturer, including dual line array DJ speakers, 15-inch double DJ speakers, 3000-watt DJ setup speakers, front bass DJ sound speakers, and complete DJ setups.

Dual Line Array DJ Speaker

The minimum order quantity for the DJ sound system is 10 pieces. It has a wired connectivity and comes in black color. The power of the system is 700 W and it belongs to the line array channel category. The rated impedance is 8 ohms and it is commonly used for events. The material used for its construction is wood, making it sturdy yet lightweight at around 20 kg. This particular model is manufactured by Girija brand and features an aluminum frame. Its frequency response ranges from 50 Hz, providing quality audio output. Lastly, this DJ sound system is proudly made in India.

DJ Sound System Price in India: 15 inch Double DJ Speaker

The minimum order quantity for the DJ sound system is 3 pieces. It has a power output of 100 W and features a 5.1 speaker channel configuration. The system is black in color and made of PVC material. It is primarily used for events and has a frequency response of 2000 Hz. The system is equipped with a two-way configuration feature and belongs to the Girija brand. Its height measures 15 inches, and it produces noise at an intensity level of 85 dB. This DJ sound system is proudly made in India

DJ Sound System Price in India: 3000 Watt Setup Speaker

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece
Speaker Channel 5.1
Material Pvc
Usage/Application Event
Color Black
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Brand Girija
Power 3000 Watt
Voltage 240 V
Frequency Range 60Hz
Country of Origin Made in India

What is the price of a DJ system?

Beginner DJ equipment refers to the basic tools needed for someone who is just starting out as a DJ. These tools include things like DJ software, mixers, headphones, cables, and more. The cost of these items can vary depending on the brand, quality, and features you prefer.

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In India, the price range for beginner DJ equipment is usually between ₹37,000 to ₹74,000 or even higher. This means that if you are looking to buy all the necessary equipment together as a package deal or separately from different brands and suppliers, it could cost you anywhere within this range.

DJ Sound System Price in India: Front Bass DJ Sound Speaker

Application: Ideal for large events

Design: Simple and unadorned

Type of Event: Wedding

Function/Event Type: Specifically designed for weddings

Suitable For: Suitable for marriage ceremonies and reception parties

Event Location: Designed for outdoor venues

Brand: Girija

Color Option Available: Black

What is the price of DJ liner?

In simpler terms, this means that there is a specific type of DJ speaker called “Liner” which you can buy in India. Each piece of this speaker costs Rs 25,000. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it in Vadodara. To identify the exact product, you can use the provided ID number: 27232693891.

Dj Sound System Cost in India

Design: Simple

Usage/Application: Small gatherings

Function/Event Type: Wedding ceremonies

Suitable For: Matrimonial events

Event Location: Open-air venues

Brand: Girija

Colour: Black

Top DJ in India

Nucleya, an Indian EDM artist, has become synonymous with the genre itself. He is widely recognized as the top choice for all EDM lovers in the country. Udyan Sagar, also known as Nucleya, holds the title of being the Czar of Indian EDM Scene and is regarded as one of the most talented DJs in India.


– Nucleya is a renowned name in Indian EDM.

– He is highly regarded by fans of electronic dance music in India.

– Udyan Sagar, aka Nucleya, dominates the Indian EDM scene.

– His talent as a DJ sets him apart from others in his field.

DJ Sound System Cost in India

Set Contains Mixer
Usage/Application Small Event
Brand Girija
Mixer Channel 2.0
Material Pvc
Frequency Range 50 Hz
Color Black
Voltage 220 V
Country of Origin Made in India

Who is the most influential DJ in India?

DJ Zaeden, whose real name is Sahil Sharma, is a popular DJ from India. He is often compared to Martin Garrix, who is a famous DJ from the Netherlands. Zaeden comes from New Delhi and quickly gained popularity in the Indian electronic dance music scene.

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Numark M4: Price of DJ Sound System in India

Usage/Application: Event

Material: PVC

Frequency Range: 50 Hz

Model Name/Number: M4

Brand: Girija

Color: Black

Power Supply: AC

Country of Origin: Made in India

Locate Dilip Jha, the owner of Girija Sound Solution, at S No 166, H No 186 Narayan Nagar, Vasai East, Palghar, Nalasopara East in Mumbai. The address is situated in Maharashtra, India.

The high cost of DJing

P.S: It is worth noting that these prices serve as rough estimates only since there is a wide variety of brands available in India catering to different budgets and preferences within each category mentioned above.

The cost of a skilled DJ?

In India, the price of DJ sound systems can vary depending on various factors. On average, DJs charge around ₹900 to ₹1500 for their services. These are typically DJs who cater to general events and parties.

For weddings or special occasions where a more specialized DJ is required, the prices tend to be higher. Wedding specialist DJs usually charge between ₹1500 to ₹2000. They have experience in creating the perfect ambiance and playlist for such important events.

However, there are also high-end DJs who offer premium services and bring top-notch equipment along with their expertise. These DJs fall into the most expensive category, charging upwards of ₹2000 to even over ₹3000. Their extensive knowledge and professional-grade sound systems make them ideal for large-scale events or exclusive parties.

– Average DJs: Charge around ₹900 – ₹1500

– Wedding Specialist DJs: Charge between ₹1500 -₹2000

– Most Expensive DJs: Charge above ₹2000 (upwards of ₹3000)

Starting a DJ setup at home

To DJ in India, you will need the following equipment:

2. Turntables and mixer – If you prefer to DJ with vinyl records, you will need a set of turntables and a mixer.

3. Laptop with DJ software – To control your music library and mix tracks seamlessly, make sure to have a laptop equipped with reliable DJ software.

4. Speakers/studio monitors – Good quality speakers or studio monitors are necessary to ensure clear sound output during performances.

5. DJ headphones – Invest in high-quality headphones that allow you to monitor your mixes accurately while blocking out external noise.

Remember, practice and have fun while exploring the art of being a DJ!

Is being a DJ profitable?

A DJ has the potential to earn a substantial income by offering a range of services, establishing a solid brand presence, and effectively networking with clients. The amount of revenue generated can vary based on factors such as reputation, location, and the type of events one performs at.

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In India, here are some key points to consider when it comes to DJ sound system prices:

1. Budget-friendly options: There are affordable DJ sound systems available in India that cater to those who have a limited budget but still want good quality equipment.

2. Mid-range options: For DJs looking for more advanced features and better sound quality, there are mid-range sound systems available at competitive prices in India.

4. Additional accessories: Apart from the main sound system unit, DJs may also need additional accessories like microphones, mixers, amplifiers, cables, stands etc., which should be factored into their overall budget.

Can DJ business be lucrative in India?

Running a DJ business in India can be a lucrative venture, but it requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure success and profitability. One crucial aspect is understanding your target market and identifying the competition you will face. By conducting thorough market research, you can tailor your services to meet the specific needs and preferences of potential clients.

Effective marketing strategies are also essential for promoting your DJ services. Utilizing various channels such as social media platforms, online directories, and word-of-mouth referrals can help increase awareness about your business. Additionally, creating an attractive website or portfolio showcasing past performances can leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Ultimately, delivering high-quality services should be at the core of any successful DJ business. This involves having professional-grade sound systems with excellent audio quality to create an immersive experience for partygoers. Investing in reliable equipment ensures smooth operations during events and helps build trust among clients.

1) Understand your target market and identify competition.

2) Implement effective marketing strategies through online platforms.

3) Determine competitive yet profitable pricing.

4) Provide high-quality service by investing in top-notch sound systems.

By considering these factors carefully, aspiring DJs in India can establish thriving businesses that cater to the diverse entertainment needs of their clientele while maximizing profits.

Earnings potential of a DJ

The pay for DJs in India is decent and can range from around ₹25,000 to ₹70,000 per gig for those with a fairly basic set-up. However, it can easily go up to several lakhs of rupees depending on the event and budget. Unlike club nights, events often have higher budgets, providing DJs with more earning potential.