A Step-by-Step Guide on Playing YouTube Music in the Background

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How To Play Youtube Music In Background

If you’re using an Android phone, swipe down the notification panel and tap the “Play” button from the playback notification to resume playback in the background . If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, open the control centre and tap on the Play button on the music widget to resume playback in the background.


How to Play YouTube Music in the Background with Premium Subscription

By subscribing to YouTube Music Premium, you can explore a vast collection of music and podcasts without any interruptions. Even if your screen is turned off, you will still be able to enjoy uninterrupted playback. Here are the benefits that come with this premium membership:

1. Enjoy uninterrupted and personalized music streaming without any advertisements.

2. Play your favorite tunes in the background while using other apps or browsing the web.

Playing YouTube Music in the Background: Utilizing YouTube Music Premium for Background Playback

YouTube Music Premium offers the fantastic convenience of background playback with the screen off. Keep in mind that background playback with the screen off relies on a stable internet connection. Now, let’s walk through the steps to play music in the background on your phone with your YouTube Music Premium subscription.

How to Choose YouTube Music for Background Playback

  1. Open the YouTube Music app on your phone.
  2. Use ” Explore ” to search for your preferred music, artist, or playlist within the YouTube Music app. Alternatively, go to ” Library ” and navigate to the song, playlist, or album.
  3. Once you’ve found your music, tap the play button to start playback.

How to Play YouTube Music with Screen Off

You can now turn off your device’s screen, and the music will continue playing in the background without interruption.

How to Enable Background Playback for Youtube Music

To pause, skip songs, or change the volume, you have the option to utilize either the lock screen controls or access the notification panel on your mobile device.

How to Listen to YouTube Music in the Background without a Premium Subscription

If you’re not a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, don’t worry – there are alternative methods that can help you achieve background playback without the need for a Premium subscription. Here, we’ll explore two methods that may enhance your listening experience.

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Playing YouTube Music in the Background: Method 1 – Browser Hacks

Certain users who do not have a YouTube Music Premium subscription choose to use browser techniques in order to enable background playback on YouTube Music. One such technique that can be attempted is as follows:

You can now go back to the main screen of your device and access other applications while still enjoying uninterrupted streaming of your favorite songs on YouTube Music.

How to Enable Background Playback on YouTube Music: Step 2 – Utilizing ViWizard YouTube Music Converter

To enable uninterrupted background playback of YouTube Music, even without a premium subscription, users can utilize the ViWizard YouTube Music Converter. This tool allows you to download and play your favorite YouTube Music tracks offline on any media player of your choosing. With this converter, you can enjoy background play without needing an internet connection or paid subscription.

ViWizard YouTube Music Converter is a flexible tool that enables both Premium and free users to record audio from their computer, including streaming music from YouTube Music. It guarantees that the recorded audio maintains its original high quality, ensuring an uncompromised listening experience. Additionally, it allows you to capture single or multiple tracks simultaneously. With just a few simple steps, you can convert your recorded audio into various popular formats such as MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC, and FLAC. This grants you the freedom to enjoy your captured audio on different devices and platforms.

ViWizard YouTube Music Converter: Essential Features

This application has been verified for security and has been downloaded by 5,481,347 individuals.

Here are some ways to enhance your YouTube Music experience:

– Convert YouTube Music into various audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and more.

– Capture songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts directly from YouTube Music.

– Enjoy features such as splitting tracks, merging files together, cutting sections of songs,

and editing your favorite tunes from YouTube Music.

your preferences.

How to Set Up YouTube Music Output Parameters

Launch ViWizard Audio Capture on your PC or Mac computer. Click the ” Format ” button at the bottom. Adjust the audio format, bit rate, sample rate, and channel settings according to your preferences.

Playing YouTube Music in the Background: A Step-by-Step Guide

Select your preferred web browser to access the YouTube Music website. Search for and play your preferred songs or podcasts. ViWizard Audio Capture will automatically start capturing the audio in real-time. When the song reaches to its end, click ” Stop.”

How to Modify the Converted YouTube Music Tracks

Once the audio is captured, you can use ViWizard Audio Capture’s editing features. Split or merge the YouTube Music records as needed. Manage the ID3 tags of the audio, including adding cover pictures, artist names, music titles, years, and more.

How to Save YouTube Music Tracks for Background Playback

After making your desired edits, click the ” Save ” button to export the converted YouTube Music tracks to your computer. You can also access all the captured audio files by clicking the History icon located at the bottom of the window.

How to Play YouTube Music in the Background: Step 5 – Transferring Converted YouTube Music to Android/iOS

Many mobile phones have a pre-installed music application that enables users to save and listen to downloaded songs. To transfer YouTube Music tracks onto your Android or iOS device, simply connect it to your computer using a USB cable and move the converted files from your computer to your phone.

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Now, you can enjoy an efficient listening experience through your phone’s music app, including background playback without interruptions.

How can I play YouTube Music with my screen turned off?

By following these simple steps on either Android or iOS devices – depending upon which platform suits individual preferences best – users can seamlessly manage their audio playback experience without any interruption or hassle whatsoever

How to Listen to YouTube Music in the Background without Premium Subscription

  1. Open the YouTube Music app on your phone. Ensure that you are signed in to your Google account.
  2. On the ” Home ” tab, tap ” Podcasts ” at the top of your home screen to access the available podcasts. Alternatively, go to ” Library ” and use a category filter labeled ” Podcasts.”
  3. Tap on the podcast you want to listen to in the background.
  4. Browse through the list of podcast episodes and play the one you want to listen to.

Playing YouTube Music with Screen Off: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can easily minimize the YouTube Music app or lock your device, and the music will keep playing in the background without any interruptions.

How to Enable Background Playback for YouTube Music

You are welcome to use other applications, surf the internet, or even lock your device while playing music on YouTube. Background play is available for most podcasts, regardless of whether you have a membership or not. This feature allows you to do multiple tasks simultaneously and enhance your listening experience.

Why does YouTube Music not play in the background?

– Background playback on YouTube music is exclusive to premium users.

– Free app users experience a pause in music when their phones get locked.

– Upgrading your membership allows uninterrupted background playback.

Playing YouTube Music in the Background: A Step-by-Step Guide

To sum it up, whether you have a premium subscription or not, there are ways to enjoy background playback of YouTube Music and Podcasts: With YouTube Music Premium, you get uninterrupted background play and other perks. For those without a premium subscription, tools like ViWizard Audio Capture offer a workaround to download music and enjoy background playback. U.S. users can play YouTube Podcasts in the background without a premium subscription in the YouTube Music app.

How to play YouTube Music in the background without premium?

If you have an Android phone, there is a convenient way to resume playback of your media in the background. To do this, start by swiping down on your screen to access the notification panel. This can usually be done by dragging your finger from the top of the screen towards the bottom.

By following these steps, you can continue enjoying your media while performing other tasks on your Android phone without interruptions. For example, if you are listening to music and want to reply to messages or browse social media at the same time, using this feature will allow you to do so seamlessly.

How to Listen to YouTube Music in the Background

An exquisite and stunning player that allows uninterrupted streaming of Youtube in the background, without any restrictions.

– Enjoy seamless playback of Youtube music while using other apps or browsing the internet.

– Listen to your favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts on Youtube without keeping the app open.

– Easily control playback with convenient options like play/pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume.

– Discover new music recommendations based on your preferences while multitasking.

Making YouTube play in the background on Chrome

To play YouTube music in the background, follow these simple steps:

3. In the control center, find and locate the playback controls for YouTube.

5. Now, you can switch to another app or turn off your screen while keeping YouTube music playing in the background.

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By following these steps, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music from YouTube even when using other apps or when your screen is turned off.

2. Start playing it and swipe down for control center access.

3. Pause and resume playback from there.

4. Switch apps or turn off screen without interrupting playback.

Why does my phone play music without any open apps?

Here are some possible reasons for this occurrence:

1. Malware or virus: Your phone may have been infected with malware or a virus that is causing the unwanted playback of music.

2. Rogue app: A rogue app on your device might be responsible for automatically playing music in the background.

4. Hardware malfunction: In rare cases, a hardware issue such as a faulty headphone jack or volume button can trigger automatic music playback.

If you encounter this problem, it is recommended to take the following steps:

1. Scan for malware: Use reputable antivirus software to scan and remove any potential threats from your device.

2. Check recently installed apps: Review and uninstall any suspicious apps that may be causing the issue.

3. Clear cache and data: Go to Settings > Apps > [App Name] > Storage, then clear cache and data for apps related to media playback.

4. Restart your device: Sometimes simply restarting your phone can resolve temporary glitches causing background music playback.

5. Update software/apps: Ensure that both your operating system and all installed apps are up-to-date with the latest versions available.

If none of these solutions work, consider contacting customer support for further assistance in resolving the issue with unwanted background music on your phone.

Inability to Play YouTube with Screen Off

To access the Quick Settings menu on an Android device, simply swipe down. Within this menu, you will find a play icon that appears when there is audio content available to be played in a compatible application, such as a web browser. If you are unable to locate the play icon, try closing the current tab in your browser and opening YouTube in another tab while ensuring it is set to Desktop Mode.

Playing YouTube music in the background can be achieved by following these steps on an Android device. Firstly, swipe downwards on your screen to open the Quick Settings menu. Look for the play icon within this menu; it should appear if there is any audio content ready to be played through a supported app like a web browser. In case you cannot find this icon initially, attempt closing your current browser tab and then launch YouTube again but make sure it is opened in Desktop Mode or its equivalent.

Stopping YouTube from pausing in the background: How can it be done?

To prevent YouTube music from pausing when you switch to another app or lock your phone, you can follow a few simple steps. Firstly, disable the auto-pause feature by going into the settings of the YouTube app and turning off the option that automatically pauses playback. Secondly, ensure that your internet connection is stable and strong so that there are no interruptions while playing music in the background.

Another important step is to update your browser regularly. Outdated browsers may not support certain features or have bugs that could interfere with playing YouTube music in the background. By keeping your browser up to date, you can ensure smooth playback without any issues.

By following these steps and implementing these suggestions, you should be able to enjoy uninterrupted playback of YouTube music even when using other apps or locking your device screen